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Welcome To Jain Electro Mech Appliances.


Discover our top award winning designer ceiling fans range when it comes to cooling down your home and offices this summer. 


Discover a whole range of smart ceiling fans backed by simple automation technologies to make your home feel cooler and better.


Our ceiling fans are Energy Star certified and more efficient than the other ceiling fans in the market. You love to make them your own.


We manufacture ceiling fans strictly as per the specifications in accordance with the set industrial standards and features with advanced aerodynamic profiled blade design which ensures maximum air throw while ensuring silent operation.

Our best ceiling fans
ceiling fan

ceiling fan

Get High Speed Ceiling Fans online at best prices and incredible quality in India. Our Fans have become an integral part of every home and are super energy efficient.

DEcorative ceiling fan

We bring to you a wide range of decorative ceiling fans that complement the decor of your home and offices combining Style, Energy and Efficiency.


Designer ceiling fan

Designer ceiling fan

We manufacture designer ceiling fans in various finishes with ultra modern styling and energy efficient performance. Browse through our range of top ceiling fan brands with designer looks and top air circulation quality.

Real People, Great Products

High Speed electrical ceiling fan

High Speed electrical ceiling fan

We manufacture High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fans for homes and commercial office spaces.

electrical ceiling fan

electrical ceiling fan

Explore a range of Electrical Ceiling Fan Brands with us. Our range of contemporary and modern ceiling fans allow you to keep cool while appealing to your home and office decor.

High Speed ceiling fan

High Speed ceiling fan

Get to choose from a range of high speed ceiling fans manufactured by us across a range of brands.

Our Production Line
fan manufacturer
ceiling fan manufacturer
high speed fan manufacturer
fans manufacturing process
Our major brands